New School Security Guard

Hi everyone. This is Jamie from sales department. How are you guys doing lately?
Are you ready for Halloween??
My best experience at Halloween is my first year in the US, which is back in 1997….. wow such a long time ago.

Anyway, today’s topic is this : Security guard in fancy machine.
Please check out this pictures.
Honestly, I could not recognize him until he got closer to me like this distance.
He is a security man at Nagoya International Airport.
Isn’t it fancy? Japanese security peopel are getting lazy or what?

Toyota i-Real Kei

Toyota i-Real Kei

Toyota i-Real Kei

Toyota i-Real Kei

It’s already a robot, isn’t it?

Since I got so curious about this ride, I had a small chat with him.
He said he can lean back a little bit when it’s not moving. I was like “is this a sofa”??
He said it can go as fast as people’s normal running speed, so that they can catch bad people.

mmm…if I were him, I could easily fall in sleep in there.
I give him a gold medal for “the cutest secury man of the year”. What do you think?

Narita Airport

Nagoya Airport

Autocom Japan’s City “YOKOHAMA”

Hi, this is Jamie. How are you guys doing?
As many of you know, Japan had fall version of “Golden Week” this year called “Silver Week” last week.
It was a 5-day-weekend, I’m sure everybody enjoyed the long weekend.

What did I do? I had a little family reunion.

My parents came over to Yokohama using $10 freeway plan from Nagoya.
It seems to be about less than 4 hour driving without any traffic from Nagoya to my place, so it’s not so bad, right?

We visited some Harbor area in Yokohama, where our beautiful office is located at.
This is one of the signature places in Yokohama and there were many people walking around indeed that time.

Yokohama, home to Autocom Japan

Do you see the Ferris Wheel in the picture?
That Ferris Wheel is lighten up at night and it’s pretty romantic when you see it from the bridge like this one below.

Yokohama Port

There is a big ship in this harbor.
I don’t remember the name of the ship, but it’s a real historical ship.

Yokohama, home to Autocom Japan

That’s our city, Yokohama.
I’m not a local here, but I’m glad I moved to this area.

Am I a number-plate freak?

Hello, this is Jamie. I’m sorry I could not upload any of my blogs lately….. I was just….lazy.
What have you been up to?

Today, I would like to share with you one of my favorite stuff.
I got pretty good reaction on my “Spiderman idog” last time, so here you go again.

My favorite stuff I would like to share today is something related to vehicle number plate.
I don’t know what exactly I like about it…. somebody tell me.

Since I was living in California, I had access to get some California number plates for free.
I kept 3 plates for myself and these are displayed in my apartment right now. Don’t they look cute?
California license plates

If you don’t think so, then how about Nevada State plate “WINNER”??
Nevada state WINNER plate

I got it in Las Vegas !

I didn’t see any “LOSER” plate there, but I’m always a loser in Vegas. A big “L” on my forehead.

OK, how about this? Elvis Presley Blvd plate??
Don’t you love it?
Elvis Presley Blvd plate
My friends gave it to me for my birthday a few years ago and since then, it’s been on my wall all the time.

So, when you get a chance to visit my apartment, please take “Elvis Presley Blvd.” after you get into my room 🙂

I used to have a CD case which is made by a number plate.
Used to?? Why not anymore?
That was because it wasn’t so useful and couldn’t handle many CDs….CD case is supposed to be functional, right?

With all due respect, I like Hawaiian plate, Maki! It’s cute, too.

My Little Buddy….. “i-dog”

This is Jamie. What’s up everybody?
Today, I want to introduce my little buddy, a spider man “i dog”.
This is actually my second doggy dog, and my first buddy was just a plain and white version. (see pictures)


As you know, “i dog” is just an iPod player which you can carry anywhere you want.
The sound quality is not as good as other real speakers, but isn’t it just cute???

I’ve been using this white body for about 3 years, and I must say that HE IS NOT WHITE ANYMORE.
He was getting dirty and dirty as time goes, which is totally okay, but……

Anyway, what do you think about the spiderman version??

It’s been in my junk box for a while, but I just made him debut a few days ago on my little book shelf.
Welcome, Buddy!!

My Dad’s Car

Today, I want to share with you what kind of vehicles my sugar daddy…..oops, my real daddy has owned and driven in his life so far.
I have almost zero memory for his 1st vehicle, but I kind of remember that it was a silver car.
I was too little to remember.

From the second car, I have good memory. It was Mazda Familia in blue color.
As a kid’s point of view, I didn’t like it at all because I felt like my neighbor had a better and nice looking car. sorry, dad…..
We used to visit my grandparents house by this Familia, which is about 100km away from our home.
It was about 2 hour trip, but it was a good trip for me. Nice memory, indeed.

A few years later, he changed to Toyota Mark II. (don’t remember when exactly….)
I was big enough to make a comment on his choice and I insisted on body color.
We settled down on 2-tone body color after all. It was a tough argument in my family.

Then, he switched to Toyota Crown. (again…don’t rememeber when exactly…… sorry)
On this vehicle, I have less memory because I was away most of the time.
Plus, I think he took this car to his apartment in Osaka and Tokyo.
It’s a long story, but he was living away by himself. Don’t worry, this is just work purpose, not getting ready for devorce purpose.

In 2006, he crushed and made this car total scrap.
The car protected my parents and they just did a regular check up. That was all.

Then, he purchased another Toyota Crown right away. Now I know it’s a 2006 year model GRS180 because I ASKED HIM.
When I was in Nagoya (my hometown), I used to drive this car for local activity.
To me, what was interesting on this unit was that there is a system called “voice command”.

I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but usually the system doesn’t recognize my command…..
I had to do it by myself after all……

Dad, please give it to me and get another one.


What’s the Most Expensive Car You’ve ever Driven or Been Inside?

This is Jamie Fujimura from Autocom Japan. I’m one of the sales representatives here and proud of being a Autocom sales person.

So, what is the most expensive car you have driven in your life? Or what is the most expensive car you have ever sat on passenger’s seat? In my case, it is 2000 year model Dodge VIPER. I600 Dodge Vipers at the event didn’t get a chance to actually drive the vehicle, but I sat on passenger’s seat and a professional Viper driver drove me around the real race course in St. Louis, Missouri (USA). Well, it’s a long story why I ended up being there, but let’s just put that was because I was a party girl back in 2000.

This was actually an annual event held somewhere in the US and it was St. Louis in 2000. That was 6th invitational event and people who own real VIPER can join this event. Did I own a Dodge Viper??  I was a VOLKSWAGEN lover that time…… any problems?

I wasn’t invited by Dodge, but somebody who actually owns a Viper in Japan invited me. Can you belive this? I was a college student and I still clearly remember that I had to skip my psychology class….. I thought this event would be a life time opportunity, so I didn’t care about my psychology class…… bad girl.

In this event, about 600 Dodge Viper got together in St. Louis from everywhere in the US. Trust me, I got tired of looking at Viper by the last day.  600 Viper in front of you….. it was just too much.Going back to the race course, it was amazingly fun. We were required to wear a helmet and fasten the tight seat-belt. Before we started, I asked my driver to drive as fast as he can…….. call me crazy. He did some drifting and did a few runs just for me.

That was one of the DOPE experiences I have ever had.

The Viper owner who invited me to this event seems to be not driving his Viper lately. When I talked to him last time, he said his Viper has been out of battery because he doesn’t drive at all…… Sometimes, I don’t understand rich people…… ANYWAY!

I hope I can join the event again.