My Dad’s Car

Today, I want to share with you what kind of vehicles my sugar daddy…..oops, my real daddy has owned and driven in his life so far.
I have almost zero memory for his 1st vehicle, but I kind of remember that it was a silver car.
I was too little to remember.

From the second car, I have good memory. It was Mazda Familia in blue color.
As a kid’s point of view, I didn’t like it at all because I felt like my neighbor had a better and nice looking car. sorry, dad…..
We used to visit my grandparents house by this Familia, which is about 100km away from our home.
It was about 2 hour trip, but it was a good trip for me. Nice memory, indeed.

A few years later, he changed to Toyota Mark II. (don’t remember when exactly….)
I was big enough to make a comment on his choice and I insisted on body color.
We settled down on 2-tone body color after all. It was a tough argument in my family.

Then, he switched to Toyota Crown. (again…don’t rememeber when exactly…… sorry)
On this vehicle, I have less memory because I was away most of the time.
Plus, I think he took this car to his apartment in Osaka and Tokyo.
It’s a long story, but he was living away by himself. Don’t worry, this is just work purpose, not getting ready for devorce purpose.

In 2006, he crushed and made this car total scrap.
The car protected my parents and they just did a regular check up. That was all.

Then, he purchased another Toyota Crown right away. Now I know it’s a 2006 year model GRS180 because I ASKED HIM.
When I was in Nagoya (my hometown), I used to drive this car for local activity.
To me, what was interesting on this unit was that there is a system called “voice command”.

I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but usually the system doesn’t recognize my command…..
I had to do it by myself after all……

Dad, please give it to me and get another one.