What’s the Most Expensive Car You’ve ever Driven or Been Inside?

This is Jamie Fujimura from Autocom Japan. I’m one of the sales representatives here and proud of being a Autocom sales person.

So, what is the most expensive car you have driven in your life? Or what is the most expensive car you have ever sat on passenger’s seat? In my case, it is 2000 year model Dodge VIPER. I600 Dodge Vipers at the event didn’t get a chance to actually drive the vehicle, but I sat on passenger’s seat and a professional Viper driver drove me around the real race course in St. Louis, Missouri (USA). Well, it’s a long story why I ended up being there, but let’s just put that was because I was a party girl back in 2000.

This was actually an annual event held somewhere in the US and it was St. Louis in 2000. That was 6th invitational event and people who own real VIPER can join this event. Did I own a Dodge Viper??  I was a VOLKSWAGEN lover that time…… any problems?

I wasn’t invited by Dodge, but somebody who actually owns a Viper in Japan invited me. Can you belive this? I was a college student and I still clearly remember that I had to skip my psychology class….. I thought this event would be a life time opportunity, so I didn’t care about my psychology class…… bad girl.

In this event, about 600 Dodge Viper got together in St. Louis from everywhere in the US. Trust me, I got tired of looking at Viper by the last day.  600 Viper in front of you….. it was just too much.Going back to the race course, it was amazingly fun. We were required to wear a helmet and fasten the tight seat-belt. Before we started, I asked my driver to drive as fast as he can…….. call me crazy. He did some drifting and did a few runs just for me.

That was one of the DOPE experiences I have ever had.

The Viper owner who invited me to this event seems to be not driving his Viper lately. When I talked to him last time, he said his Viper has been out of battery because he doesn’t drive at all…… Sometimes, I don’t understand rich people…… ANYWAY!

I hope I can join the event again.