About Us

Autocom Japan logoWho are we?

Autocom Japan is a used car exporter based in Yokohama, Japan. We are committed to delivering quality used Japanese vehicles from Japan to your country at reasonable prices. We wish to satisfy the demands of people all over the world who want Japanese vehicles for their reliability, affordability and quality.

But what’s so special about Autocom Japan, when there are many Japanese used car exporters today? Simple: we provide our customers with the best service to be found anywhere. Each member of our staff is fluent in English (some also speak Russian, Spanish and Arabic) and are ready to assist our clients each step of the way until they receive their cars.

We have excellent relationships between various shipping companies, making it possible for us to ship your vehicles from Japan to your country as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Looking to buy your next used car from Japan? Then look no further: we can get you any car you like! You can check out the list of cars we currently have in stock HERE.

Even if the car you are looking for isn’t there, not to worry! You can directly have your car ordered and bought through us. Our commission charge is one of the cheapest in the market!
Please feel free to make inquiries any time; we are available 24hrs on working days.

Autocom Japan – Official Site
Phone: +81-45-227-7095
FAX: +81-45-227-7093
Email: sales@autocj.co.jp



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